My WHY: “To challenge the status quo, so that others can envision and live what is possible.”

Gianna Biscontini, M.A.Ed.H.D., BCBA:

Founder | CEO

Core Beliefs:

  • Doing the right thing is always the right thing.

  • Living a whole life means that work and life are integrated and infused with meaning. 

  • Every individual has the power to change their thinking on the status quo. 

Gianna is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, writer, speaker, world traveler and a passionate advocate for building a life well-lived through meaningful, impactful work. Throughout her 17-year career supporting forward-thinking change-makers, she has worked in healthcare, non-profit, research, education and government industries to improve processes and ensure top quality operational performance.

As a consultant in an executive coaching firm, Gianna noticed the increasing demands on employees and the role the environment played in their retention, performance and wellbeing. With passion and drive to change this trajectory and ensure a higher quality of life for employees, she founded W3RKWELL as a solution to workplace stress, work-related health decline and financial loss due to illness, burnout and unhealthy work environments.

She holds a masters certificate in counseling culturally diverse populations and a masters degree in education and human development from The George Washington University and a post-graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis from George Mason University. Gianna completed additional post-graduate work at the Florida Institute of Technology and Stanford's Graduate School of Business in organizational behavior management and social entrepreneurship, respectively.

Gianna was elected to represent Washington, D.C. as a panel contributor for symposiums at The George Washington University and Princeton University, and has presented her innovative organizational process work at the Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. conference. She has written for EP Magazine, Behavioral Science in the 21st Century and, most recently, for the innovative publication, Business Science Magazine.

Gianna is grateful to be a part of the scientific and social impact communities doing meaningful work every day. To practice what she preaches, she balances her role at W3RKWELL by traveling, camping, reading, doing yoga, meditating, hosting dinner parties with her husband and relaxing at home with her rescue dog and cat, Franklin and Annie.


Alexandra Kopack, M.S., BCBA

Consultant, Development and outreach

Alexandra was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and recently moved to San Diego for the sunshine and variety of outdoor activities. She is currently a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and holds a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Alexandra joined W3RKWELL to fulfill her passion for combining well-being and Organizational Behavior Management strategies to improve both individual and organizational levels of health and work satisfaction. She enjoys serving her company and personal values through fostering and growing relationships with HR leaders, researchers and wellbeing professionals.


Sherrel Hill, BCBA

Consultant, blogger

Sherrel joins the W3RKWELL team as a guest blogger to spread the word about creating healthy and engaging work environments using Organizational Behavior Management. While earning her undergraduate degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech University, Sherrel wrote articles for The Daily Toreador newspaper and also worked in media relations at the Office of Communications and Marketing. Upon graduating, Sherrel worked as a business communication instructor at Texas Tech University. Aside from her love of writing, Sherrel’s passions include yoga, meditation, reading, and going on adventures with her two young boys and husband.




Hello, and thank you for your interest in W3RKWELL. I believe the story of any company gives authentic insight into its most basic values and principles. It is my pleasure to share ours with you.

As the owner of a private behavioral pediatrics practice, I was constantly seeking additional, science-supported ways to enhance my work. In an effort to reduce the intense stress the parents of my pediatric clients were under, I researched meditation strategies that might provide a beneficial addition to the treatment process. This led me to develop a beginner's course in meditation and a 6-week intensive course focused on managing personal stress-related behaviors. In the midst of my research I wrote "Meditation and Yoga: The New "Behavioral Xanax?" for Behavioral Science in the 21st Century as a call to action for behavior analysts to widen their lens on the services they provide. The article received global attention and I received emails of interest and encouragement from around the world.

By following the science on meditation and health, I came across studies that found workplace stress to be the main contributors to work-related illness, disengagement, increases in non-fatal disease, harmful work/life conflict and decreases in productivity. With 15 years of experience in behavior change and the desire to challenge the status quo of the way we work so that others are inspired to envision and live what is possible, I developed the concept for W3RKWELL.

As a boutique, behavior analytic social impact firm, we are committed to sustainably redesigning the way we work by integrating the science of behavior, business and health. W3RKWELL uses Organizational Behavior Management practices to assess workplace variables that contribute to low retention, low performance or health decline and, as a result, positions organizations to become a place where employees thrive in a measurable, sustainable way.

Imagine a workplace where your health is a value, a priority, and a serious business metric.
— Gianna Biscontini

W3RKWELL is committed to redesigning the workplace as a space where health is paramount, because we know an environment that produces happy, healthy employees isn't only the right the right thing to do, it's a smart business decision. And a movement. 

The assumption we've been making- that healthier modifications to our work culture might thwart organizational goals- is demonstrably false. As we are now approaching a work and life integration tipping point, there as never been a better time to take action. I am encouraged by our ability to change and I am excited about the work to be done. This is truly Work Worth Doing. 

I extend a sincere Thank You for your interest and support.  

In health,

Gianna Biscontini, M.A.Ed.H.D., BCBA




Rob Baker

Founder | Chief Positive Deviant: Tailored Thinking


Kim Spahn

founder: Vitality Method


Julie Slowiak, PHD, BCBA