OUR how

We employ only Board Certified Behavior Analysts as our consultants and advisors. This ensures our clients receive the highest quality, scientific and data-driven methodology available to create meaningful change that serves your business and your people. Because Everything we do is behavior, and behavior runs your business.


1. Ask the right questions

Our consultants are highly-skilled in the science of human behavior. By getting to know your organization through our initial organizational interview, we are better equipped to provide a cost-effective and streamlined assessment process.


2. Collect the right data

The combination of our indirect and direct observation measures (i.e., HAB assessment. Behavioral Systems Analysis) provides our team with unparalleled accuracy in identifying unique organizational factors affecting wellbeing, retention and productivity.


3. Develop the right solutions

Every workplace is different. We work with all levels of timeline and budget to ensure your people experience positive change. Our one-year service minimum and at-risk fee structure commits us to supporting your team through small, impactful changes over time.



W3RKWELL is committed to redesigning the workplace as a space where health is paramount—because we know an environment that produces engaged, healthy employees isn’t only the right thing to do—it’s a smart business decision.
— Gianna Biscontini



We analyzed dozens of health and business studies to create a 65-item tool that assesses workplace variables known to influence retention, performance and wellbeing. Developed to provide an accurate and actionable view of your organization, the HAB assessment and report provides small and large scale recommendations.


Health and business research + Verifiable questions = behavioral approach